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During the advertising of products and services, launching various public campaigns that have to transfer the information to the public, “PRESTIGE MEDIA” has established a partnership with local and international businesses, state and public institutions, financial institutions, with municipalities throughout country, with international organizations, nongovernmental organizations, households and important personalities of public life.

This partnership is based on the respect of all agreements contracts, while respecting the rules of operation in business, so that companies advertising message is transmitted in a timely and professional manner to the previously defined category of public opinion.

Partnership of “PRESTIGE MEDIA” is based on mutual interest with clients, on professionalism, respect for laws and regulations at both central and local level.

Advertising in public spaces contracted by the “PRESTIGE MEDIA”, to our partners mean transfer the message to the public, through more sophisticated methods of advertising in public spaces.



PRESTIGE MEDIA owns the professional team of designers and IT experts who can make the creation of ideas, design, printing and fixing of all advertising.

Company specialized staff, in cooperation with our partners offers recording, editing and launching of advertising spots and TV spots.

In addition to the marketing, PRESTIGE MEDIA enables the publication of advertisements in daily newspapers and the launch of advertising and television spots on all national and regional media.



All products and services offered by Prestige Media, could take the form and dimensions required by our partners and customers.

The main products of “Prestige Media” are offering the use of these marketing points:


About Us

PRESTIGE MEDIA is a private company established in Pristina in February 2007. The company mainly deals with the provision for the use of advertising space in most municipalities of Kosovo, in the most frequented and the most suitable positions.

Marketing places are different such as: mega-billboards, billboards, city lights, flags on electric poles, LED Display TV and other forms of advertising.

For all points of marketing the company has a permit and permission to use urban public spaces in the respective municipalities.

PRESTIGE MEDIA owns the professional team for building, placement, fixing, designing, printing and maintenance of advertising's.

Company Vision

PRESTIGE MEDIA vision is to be a leader in the places where it operates in the field of advertising products and services, meeting all international standards for quality, through a new application of modern techniques, combined with advanced knowledge (know-how), where the main focus is to meet the requirements of customers.


To realize its vision, the Management and personnel of PRESTIGE MEDIA has submitted the following purposes:

  • Sending the message to potential customers at the right time and right place
  • Fixation of advertising in agreed time and place
  • Respect of all contract points
  • Adapting to market needs
  • Increased quality
  • Establishment of professional level staff
  • Application of technology development trend
  • Timely payment of all financial obligations
  • Timely payment of all taxes to the state
  • Respecting the Laws and Regulations
  • Market Expansion
  • Fulfilling the requirements of customers and increased profit


PRESTIGE MEDIA Management Company is based on the methodology of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO 9001:2000).

The company possesses highly qualified personnel in the field of marketing, design, design, press, fixing, etc.


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address: 10000 Prishtinë; B.2/2 no.6 – Dardani
Tel: +377 44 616 616; +386 49 211 112